Sandra Reed
Creative Machine Quilting
Quilting Styles
This style of quilting repeats the same chosen pattern throughout the quilt
through the use of a pattern. The quilting can range to loose to very dense, and,
depending upon the colour of threadand the pattern, can imply texture or become
the main feature of the quilt. This style always uses a prepared pattern.
This style can include a meadering pattern, or a combination of patterns with no
regard to placement on the quilt top.
This is specific to the quilt and/or block, and may include freehand feathers,
circles, wreaths, hatching, small meanders, outline quilting, and perhaps
stitch-in-the-ditch. However, SID is not the main feature of the quilting and is
only used for stabilizing the quilt.
This is the type of quilting that is shown in the picture on the main page.
Wholecloth quilts are of this type of quilting. The quilting is usually marked in
some way before the quilting is placed. The types of quilting may include
trapunto, stipple, hatching, outline stitch, SID. This is a very meticulous and
time-consuming style of quilting and is usually reserved for show quilts or very
special ones.